Lan and Wireless computer networks

Today, wireless communications is one of the fastest growing segments in the telecommunications industry. Wireless computer networks, such as cell phones, satellite phones, and wireless local area networks (WLANs) are widely used and have become very important in people’s daily lives.

Wireless networks are networks of devices and devices interconnected by radio waves, infrared and other wireless methods (in English: wireless network).

Lately, they have experienced a major development worldwide, representing a competitive option for wire connections (electrical, fiber optic and others). Wireless connections are becoming more popular as they solve problems that arise when we have many cables connected to many devices. Modern wireless technologies can interconnect equipment (or local area networks, LANs) over short or even long distances.

Wired networks have become increasingly restricted and are currently used mainly where there are signal problems or the activity involves the security provided by them. At the same time, wired computer networks are used for the infrastructure, using optical fiber in this case. Fiber optics bringing a plus of speed and multiple connectivity.

Are you planning to expand wireless coverage? Do you have problems with the current network?