Web page development

For the development of web pages, we use the latest methodological
standards, thus managing to deliver in excellent conditions the
contracted services to any client.

Each web page project has designated at least one person (or more) from the following departments:

Customer account and sales manager;
Web design (Graphic design, CSS, XHTML);
Testing bugs and security vulnerabilities;
Content management (optional);
Project integration and quality control.

Our departments work according to methods and procedures tested and implemented up to the level of micromanagement. Nothing is left to chance!

Our know-how relative to web pages, includes but is not limited to:

management, development, and professional integration of web-based projects;
assistance, ticketing and tracking systems;
professional testing (bug fixing and reporting, stress testing, vulnerability testing);
assistance, ticketing and tracking systems;
application maintenance services ;
search engine optimization (SEO);
(corporate ID);
web consulting (creation of documentation and architecture of web projects);
professional hosting;
internet security.