“Virtual map” application is a management tool for activities taking place in the area of competence.

The application can present data from a variety of sources, internal or external. Each data source can insert data into the system only in accordance with permissions that have been assigned by the administrator application.

The application is a client-server, desktop component can interact with type WMS services, and changes applied to a data source is visible to all other users without the need for a number of other operations.

Among features :

  • Transformation between different coordinate systems – could implement various other standards.
  • You can implement different APIs specific type WMS services, these services can be used in the application and use of images at different resolutions.
  • Allows importing data from various file formats and geographic CAD. As to the web client existad some obvious limitations of size.
  • Allows presentation of data associated with these objects present on the map attached to specific data structures in departments, the different markings / objects map
  • Allows creation and display various information reports, and create and use templates for printing.
  • The application is configurable, the introduction of new properties or create new structures do not require software development and is manageable.
  • User management is done by an administrator with rights to do so. You can set different levels of permissions, groups or individual users.
  • The application allows creating and updating the maps already created or updated once created they can be accessed by all users with the proper permissions. Can also be created different layers which can be combined or stacked in any way.
  • There are filters for displaying on the basis of articles in the papers. Any entity represented on the map is able to be represented by an icon, with or without text or arrows, all of which are configurable by the administrator (ii) application.
  • Anyone with rights to change the maps, the various layers, whether it is a change on them, changes can be seen by all those who want to view that map / layer
  • Any user can submit data regardless of location on the map if it is permissions related.
  • The application can display a wide range of information and types of information and related details.
  • If the map of the objects that are related to data structure, it is possible configuration and data entry, and in case of events, some event-related data and resources are involved in the case of triggering.
  • Alarms may be setup to be displayed when certaine events trigger.
  • Depending on the event position can calculate distances, can have a variety of information attached to it, and information about the road to place or event in your neighborhood.
  • The application allows customization by administrators or users with rights for this purpose, various types of reports.
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