Preparation and accounting software for Agricultural Register intended for city halls. The program helps keep the records in electronic forms of records for Agricultural Register updated version for 2010-2014 according to GD 1632 / 29.12.2009.

Application functions in version 2010 – 2014 :

  • Managing data on household members (Chapter 1)
  • Land management data recorded in the register for each register position and their use (Chapter 2.a, 2.b head, Cap2.c, Chapter 3, Chapter 4.a, 4.b Cap)
  • Managing data in trees (Cap 5.a, 5.b Cap, Cap 5.c, head 5.d), developed for irrigated areas (Chapter 6), animals (Chapter 7, Chapter 8), agriculture (Chapter 9 ), use of fertilizers (Cap 10) and construction (Chapter 11).
  • * Chapters marked in blue are new chapters introduced in version 2010 – 2014
  • Graphical interface of the program is identical to the forms established by the agricultural registry Annex 1 of GD 1632/2009 version available from 2010 to 2014.
  • It allowed entry, modification and deletion, at chapter level positions for a farm register or register the position

Information and generated reports :

  • Summary statements (summary tables) provided in Annex 2 of the GD 1632/2009
  • Making out the prospect of performing agricultural census in 2010.
  • General certificates of registry agriculture, with selectable print chapter, and specific certificates, customized according to the models used by each municipality and required by each institution (for APIA, Population, etc.) in Word format
  • Search registry data that agriculture (street number, name or surname or name of the legal owner)
  • Other advanced searches in the database according to user options (for example, can be searched and displayed only agricultural registry positions were over 5 hectares of arable land in 2008 or who had more than 10 fruit trees in 2007, people age 18 years or birth date between a lower and an upper limit, the dead, looking for a certain parcel Tarlale or head 2.b registered by name, category usage, etc.)

Other technical features:

Log on using password, with the possibility of amending them, the number of users is set to your choice – program offers the possibility of networking and can be used on multiple computers simultaneously (regardless of installation method: a computer of your city hall or the Internet).
Existence of historic use program that allows change of data records at the time, minute and second
PROGRAM MAY BE AN ALTERNATIVE AGRICULTURAL PAPER records – each client request can include a function to print information, so the positions of each page there is an agricultural record button “Print” with the purpose of generating a document format Word that contains all the information in Chapters registry position, transposed in the same order as in the agricultural register on paper to be printed on any printer and filing. This feature can be avoided to double its agricultural agent work (keeping of parallel paper and electronic).

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